The Danish summer was powered by wind

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By State of Green, August 13, 2019

In June and July, Danish wind turbines produced twice as much electricity as all Danish solar cells and power plants combined.

According to a Wind Denmark news release, two thirds of the Danish-produced power came from wind turbines during the months of June and July.

Wind energy has seriously become the backbone of the Danish electricity mix, and we see this clearly in the summer although the summer months are usually less windy,” said Søren Klinge, Head of Markets at Wind Denmark. “This year, the Danish wind turbines produced around 25 per cent more electricity during June and July compared to the same months in 2018, which was a poor “wind year”.”

According to Wind Denmark’s review of data from the Danish TSO Energinet, total production from the wind turbines in June and July was 2,083 GWh, up from 1,658 GWh during the same period last year.

Danish power generation in June and July

Source: Wind Denmark and Energinet

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Wind balancing the electricity grid

“This year, the Danish wind turbines have made a significant contribution to balancing the Danish and German electricity grids, and this once again emphasizes the point that wind energy has become the backbone of the Danish electricity grid,” said Klinge.

Due to more rainfall this year, it was possible to import more electricity, especially from Sweden in June and July, and some of this electricity was exported to Germany, even though, at the end of the day, Denmark was a net importer this summer.

“The combination of power generation from wind turbines and imported electricity from Swedish and Norwegian hydropower was the cheapest way to secure electricity in the Danish power sockets. It clearly goes to show that the EU’s single energy market works and ensures low-priced green power to the Danes,” Klinge concluded.

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EnergiWatch (in Danish)

Wind Denmark (in Danish)

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