Potential for Denmark as a Circular Economy

By Anne Vestergaard Andersen, November 25, 2015

Today, a new report 'Potential for Denmark as a Circular Economy', developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation was launched. While the findings cannot be directly transposed to other countries, they might serve as a source of inspiration.

Denmark has many leading companies pioneering circular economy solutions, a long and rich tradition of innovative policies that stimulate the circular economy, as well as a long-term strategic commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

However, as the report demonstrates significant value is left on the table across the economy, which could be unlocked by, e.g. improved utilisation of assets and better use of waste or by-products as a resource:

“For example, one third of all waste is incinerated for heat and power generation before extracting its full potential value as a resource, and the materials that are looped back into the value chains are predominantly recycled for material value instead of being used in higher-value cycles, such as reuse or remanufacturing”, the report concludes.

Download the full report

A source of inspiration
This report presents findings from a Denmark case study, undertaken as part of developing a methodology for circular economy policymaking. The findings, identifying circular economy opportunities, barriers and policy options, were first presented in the report ‘Delivering the Circular Economy – a toolkit for Policymakers’ by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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The findings may be of special interest to Danish stakeholders, although this report does not recommend any specific policy intervention to Denmark or any other country. While the findings cannot be directly transposed to other countries, they might serve as a source of inspiration.

Launch of report
More than 200 participants attended the conference today, 25 November 2015, where the report was launched. The conference was hosted by the Ministry of Business and Growth Denmark, The Ministry of Environment and Food, the Confederation of Danish Industry and 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers).

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The conference was opened by the Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Troels Lund Poulsen, followed by a presentation of the report, as well as insights into leading companies approach and experience with applying circular economy as a business opportunity.

Source: The Ministry of Business and Growth Denmark

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