New study: Copenhageners demand action on climate change

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By State of Green, October 15, 2019

A new study from Ramboll shows that Copenhageners are concerned about climate change and that they are willing to pay for concrete climate solutions.

Last week, mayors of the C40 cities were gathered in Copenhagen to the C40 World Mayors Summit. In connection with this summit, Danish engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll published a new study, which shows that Copenhageners are concerned about the effects of climate change and that they are ready to change.

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According to the new study, 67 per cent of the Copenhageners are more concerned about climate change today than they were five years ago. Half of Copenhageners believe that climate change will affect them and their families during the next ten years.

Meanwhile, the study shows that the majority of Copenhageners are looking forward to concrete political action and that they are willing to pay more in taxes if this will benefit the climate.

Inspire cities to create sustainable solutions

“Cities play a crucial role in solving the climate crisis. We are responsible for energy supply, infrastructure, waste management, water, municipal buildings, food, etc. We have a huge impact on the citizens’ carbon footprint and the opportunity to act sustainably”, said Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, “The cities must provide a framework to make the green choice the easiest and most attractive for citizens. We need to make sure that we reorganize everything in common – water, heat, waste – to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. I am concerned about the climate crisis we are facing, and my command is that we must act, not cringe in fear.”

“The C40 summit is about how cities can inspire each other and find practical solutions to the climate challenges. Here, the insight into what can make citizens play a decisive role in climate action. Our study shows that Copenhageners are taking climate change seriously. They are ready for action and have high expectations for the politicians’ action. Both national and local politicians should use citizens’ ambition as inspiration to accelerate the sustainable society, which the Copenhageners are now so clearly asking for”, said Ib Enevoldsen, CEO of Ramboll in Denmark.

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About the study

The study “How ready are the Copenhageners to take climate action?” examines the views of Copenhageners on climate change and their willingness to act climate-friendly, for example pay for more climate-friendly solutions and their wishes for political action. Ramboll is behind the investigation in collaboration with C40 and the City of Copenhagen. The investigation is based on an online questionnaire with 1,000 Copenhageners over the age of 18, conducted by the YouGov analysis institute in September 2019.

To read more about the study, click here (in Danish).


Ramboll (in Danish)


Photo:Martin Heiberg

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