New Initiative Focuses on the Role of Gas in the Green Transition

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By Grøn Gas Danmark (Image: NGF Nature Energy), November 03, 2017

Three of Denmark’s gas distribution companies, HMN Naturgas, Dansk Gas Distribution (Danish Gas Distribution) and NGF Nature Energy have launched Green Gas Denmark (“Grøn Gas Danmark”), a community of interests aimed at telling others about the important role of the gas distribution network in the green transition of Denmark’s energy system.

The green transition is fully underway. A well-known fact is that wind turbines and solar cells amount to a still growing percentage of Denmark’s total power production. However, what only few people know is that the gas distribution network is already contributing significantly to the green transition and even fewer are aware that it has the potential to become a cornerstone of the green transition in the years to come.

The three distribution companies are responsible for the gas distribution network, which amounts to a community investment of DKK 55 billion and provides more than 400,000 households and Danish companies with a stable and secure supply of gas.

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–  The gas distribution network may become a cornerstone of the green transition if the infrastructure of gas can be stored and distribute future green CO2-neutral gasses. We cannot decide when the sun shines nor when the wind blows – just as we cannot store the power that these sources produce. Gas, however, can be stored regardless of whether we are dealing with traditional natural gas, modern biogas or one of the future types of green gasses that researchers are currently working on developing.  The gas distribution network thus provides an opportunity for a green security of supply, says Carsten Jensen, the Manager of Dansk Gas Distribution.

Great potential in green gas
During the last three years, the production of green gas has increased just as much as it did the previous 30 years. This is because Denmark is starting to reap the benefits of many years of intense research and development.

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– The green transition of the gas distribution network is well underway. In 2014, the first green gas was applied to the system and the following year, green gas made up 11 per cent of the distribution system. Due to the positive development, Denmark is already further with the green transition of  the gas distribution network than any other country in Europe, says Ole Hvelplund, Manager of NGF Nature Energy.

Connecting different forms of energy
To the three companies behind Green Gas Denmark, it is crucial that the future energy system is designed in a way that enables different energy sources to supplement each other most efficiently. All the pieces of the puzzle needs to be in place in order to make the most of the different forms of energy.

– The only sensible thing to do is to apply a holistic approach to the entire energy system so that all aspects are connected and interact with one another. The gas distribution network is made to be a part of this solution – it is an interconnected and almost nationwide network with a great storage capacity. Our green gas functions as a flexible and CO2-neutral fuel that is able to balance a mainly electricity-driven energy system, says Susanne Juhl, Manager of HMN Naturgas.

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About Green Gas Denmark
With the new community of interests, the three distribution companies want to inform others of the green transition of the gas distribution network.
For more information, please contact Rasmus Winther at +45 53 54 63 45 or [email protected]

Source: Grøn Gas Danmark

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