New EUDP-Strategy: Danish Projects Must Draw on Global Demand

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By Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, January 27, 2017

Danish companies must make the most of the possibilities from global demand and the Danish positions of strength within energy technology. That was one of the points of orientation in a new strategy by EUDP. Their strategy also encourages a stronger focus on growth and export of Danish solutions and a closer international cooperation under the global initiative Mission Innovation.

Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) has published a new strategy for 2017-2019.  In order to expand Denmark’s position in international markets for energy technology, the programme will expedite proceedings in the next few years.       

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Since the COP21 agreement in 2015, the demand for sustainable energy technology and energy efficient solutions has increased remarkably – a development that has important bearing on Denmark:

– EUDP has shed great light on the task to link the global demand to Danish positions of strength within green technology. From a global viewpoint, the potential for new projects is great. The more projects able to deliver exportable technologies, the greater the potential for jobs and growth in Denmark. There is therefore a clear coherence between EUDP’s strategy and the government’s upcoming export strategy, says Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt.

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International cooperation under Mission Innovation

EUDP will be responsible for implementing the main share of the DKK 580 million that is part of the Danish obligation in relation to the Mission Innovation initiative up until 2020.The strengthened international cooperation could increase the Danish companies’ potential. And EUDP could play a key role in this undertaking:

– The international cooperation revolving energy research and development will strengthen significantly in the coming years due to initiatives such as the Mission Innovation cooperation. It will give Danish positions of strength even greater significance and contribute to the insurance that our projects are positioned optimally in an international cooperation about the global challenges for the energy system, says the Minister.

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EUDP has DKK 173 million at its disposal for supporting new energy technological projects in 2017. The next round of applications will take place at the end of March. More information is available here.

The government expects to release their own export strategy sometime during the spring of 2017.


  • EUDP was established by law in 2007 with the purpose of supporting the development and demonstration of new technology within the field of energy. EUDP is a public subsidy scheme supporting new technology that works towards Denmark’s targets for energy and climate.
  • Since the inauguration of the programme, more than 600 projects have been launched with grants amounting to DKK 3 billion. Through self-financing, the partners behind the projects have also contributed with an equivalent figure.  
  • Mission Innovation was launched at opening of COP21 in Paris in 2015. EU and a total of 22 countries participated in the initiative to strengthen research and development of clean energy and decrease the cost for the green transition by doubling the public funding for research in energy over a period of five years. Simultaneously, a fond initiated by Bill Gates invested USD 1 billion in new projects for clean energy.
  • EUDP’s board of directors was selected by the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate. The secretary of EUDP us also a part of the Energy Agency.

Source: Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate

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