New Energy Solutions Receive DKK 25 Million in Support

By State of Green, February 24, 2017

Innovative projects receive support from Danish Energy Association.

Danish companies have discovered the great export potential of developing energy efficient products related to cooling, sustainable buildings, and industrial processes.

This is evident in the group of recipients for this year’s innovation fund from Danish Energy Association; the so-called GLEEB fund. Out of 52 applicants, 25 projects have received funding of DKK 21.1 million to develop new, energy efficient solutions and products.

– We have never before granted support to this many companies. It is a positive development as companies are starting to think in commercial terms and bring their solutions out on the market, says Dorte Lindholm from Danish Energy Association.

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She highlights Elcold in Hobro, Norwegian Hennig-Olsen Is and the compressor company Secop as grant recipients. With the Danish Technological Institute as their Project Manager, the three companies are preparing to meet EU’s demands on energy efficiency for refrigerators.

In many of the projects, the companies themselves are responsible for a significant part of the funding. When their own funding has been taken into account, the project sum reaches DKK 36 million in total.

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101 players are behind the 25 projects and 86 percent of these are made up of companies. Especially small-sized companies have presented ideas that were worthy of support.  As a result, Elforsk has become an important source of funding for entrepreneurs this year, notes Danish Energy Association.

Rainwater for cooling

In many instances, companies have gone into partnerships with universities and other knowledge institutions. This goes for the energy companies Aura Rådgivning, Dong Energy, SE Rådgivning and SEAS-NVE. – Municipalities are also important contributors if solutions are to be tested in the real world, emphasises Dorte Lindholm. She has granted funding for Menerga, DTU Byg and Aarhus municipality in a project to examine the possibilities of cooling buildings by utilising rainwater.

Most funding from Elforsk has gone to projects related to buildings; a focus area that has experienced a rapid development in connection to solar cells/batteries, heat pumps, and energy storage.

Source: Energy Supply

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