New CO2-Neutral Buses in Copenhagen

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By Movia (Photo: Movia), March 30, 2017

This month, the bus from Herlev Hospital to Copenhagen Airport will be a CO2-neutral turquoise-colored Cityline bus fueled by biogas. It will resemble BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) buses and have new features that will benefit passengers when it comes to travel time, comfort, and ease of use.

This month, 5C buslines will replace the exsisting buses on line 5A. The new buses will be the first in Denmark to resemble BRT-buses. BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit; an international concept known from European cities like Paris and Barcelona.

Cityline is the Danish bus company Movia’s own concept resembling BRT by offering more room, a cleaner environment and easier travel for the approximately 20 million annual passengers on line 5A.  

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Cityline buses are longer and, as a result, have more room for passengers. There will be room for all of 147 passengers – a significant increase from the 82 5A-busses can carry. The extra room will be particularly evident during rush hour. Citylines are also more green. They are fuelled by biogas and they emit 72 percent less NOx and 33 per cent fewer particles than the existing buses. They also make less noise.

The 37 new Cityline buses will have more doors. These will open when a passenger presses a button on the side of the bus – just like Danish S-trains. This addition makes entering the bus both faster and easier, and it makes travel time more efficient. On parts of the route, cityline buses will have their own lane to pass through traffic and tailbacks. With larger window sections allowing more light and air into the bus, the experience will also become more comfortable for passengers.

– We waste thousands of hours a day stuck in traffic. This costs society billions each year. Cityline is the first concept in Denmark to resemble BRT which with simpler, more effective, and relatively cheap resources, improves travel time and reduces congestion. Cityline is made to utilise roads better, says the Managing Director at Movia, Dorthe Nøhr Pedersen.

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– In close cooperation with the municipalities of Herlev, Tårnby and Copenhagen, Movia has worked several years on getting the Cityline concept on the road. Arriva, who won the contract, has delivered buses with a much higher level of eco-friendly transportation. We are many who are excited to present the new concept to passengers.

Facts about the project

–  Line 5A is the busiest bus line in the Northern countries with approximately 20 million annual passengers. With the launch of line 5C, the number of passengers are expected to increase by 5% – equivalent to an additional 1 million annual passengers. In comparison, Copenhagen Airport had 29 million passengers in all of 2016.

– 5C buses are expected to carry up to 2,200 passengers per route, per hour. Today, line 5A carries approx. 1,500 passengers per route, per hour.

–  The 5C cityline buses have been ordered and paid for by the municipalities of Herlev, Copenhagen, and Tårnby. The municipalities have in addition invested in the upgrade of bus stops, providing them with new windbreaks and digital traffic information. Furthermore, the municipalities have invested in a number of plant facilities, e.g. the end station at Herlev Hospital and increased passability near Frederikssundsvej.

– A total of DKK 185 million has been invested in the Cityline project.

Front pages of white papers: “Sustainable Urban Transportation” & “Urban Innovation for Liveable Cities”

Source: Movia

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