New climate alliance created by the private sector in Denmark

By State of Green, September 20, 2019

In recognition of the global climate crisis, the private sector in Denmark has created a so-called Corporate Climate Alliance. The idea is that the alliance will collaborate with the Danish parliament and Danish society as a whole to help solve the climate crisis.

Climate crisis is a phrase that is resounding across the globe. Solving it will require a concerted effort. Therefore, two of Denmark’s leading private sector organisations, the Confederation of Danish Industry and Danish Energy, have joined forces to create the Corporate Climate Alliance. The idea is that over the next two years, the alliance will formulate new, long term answers to how we can solve the climate crisis.

“The climate crisis is so extensive that no one can solve it alone. We need to develop new, long term, cross-sectoral answers if we are to achieve the Danish government’s ambition of reducing greenhouse gases by 70 per cent by 2030. Therefore we have created the Corporate Climate Alliance,” says the Confederation of Danish Industry’s CEO, Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

The two organisations behind the alliance also welcome the climate contract initiative that the Danish government recently launched. The initiative, which Denmark’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, announced, invites the private sector to formulate solutions that can reduce greenhouse emissions in specific sectors.

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“This is a strong and important government initiative, which the actors in the Corporate Climate Alliance are looking forward to contributing to. Both by identifying areas in specific sectors where we can reduce emissions right now, but also by joining forces to find and develop new, cross-sectoral solutions,” says Danish Energy’s CEO, Lars Aagaard.

The Corporate Climate Alliance’s guiding principle is that achieving climate neutrality can and must take place in tandem with economic growth, development, and growth in exports and employment in Denmark. Furthermore, the alliance believes that Denmark has valid potential to demonstrate global leadership in the crisis.

“We should demonstrate global leadership. Not by taking unilateral action, but by showing that green growth, where we create a greener and more prosperous society, is actually possible if we join forces,” continues Lars Aagaard.

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The Corporate Climate Alliance’s work is commencing immediately. Over the next two years, the alliance will – in close cooperation with politicians, other sectors and stakeholders – formulate new ideas as to how Denmark can contribute with solutions to solving the climate crisis.

“We need to develop new solutions, which are fall into three key categories: We have to expand renewable energy capacity and store it in sufficient quantities. We need to utilise energy in a more efficient way – and across sectors. There is also a need to electrify our entire society. Fulfilling our objectives demands new answers, new types of partnerships and new technologies. On behalf of the private sector in Denmark, we will contribute to finding these solutions,” concludes Lars Aaagard.

Source: Energy Supply (in Danish)

Photo: Bill Oxford on Unsplash

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