New Biogas Plants Will Reduce CO2 Emissions by 100 000 tonnes in Denmark

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By State of Green, August 24, 2017

NGF Nature Energy has entered into an agreement with BioenergiSyd (Bioenergy South) to invest EUR 67 million in biogas and to construct two biogas plants in the Danish municipality of Sønderborg, which is located in the southern part of Denmark.

The plants will reduce CO2 emissions by 100,000 tonnes, thus helping the Sønderborg municipality to achieve its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2029.

-We’re happy that we can properly start installing the biogas plants in Sønderborg. The two plants will reduce the washing out of nitrogen that occurs, as well as give the plants a good fertiliser product, that will improve crop yield by up to 15%. The two biogas plants are beneficial for both the environment and financially, the foreman for Bioenergi Syd, Andreas Bonde says.

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The two plants will create 50 permanent jobs and will be able to produce enough biogas to replace natural gas in 25.000 homes. Construction of the first plant is expected to start in the second half of 2018.

NGF Nature Energy is aiming to replace the gas used in the Danish gas transmission system to green gas. The company operates four large-scale biogas plants and are in the middle of constructing three more. The two new plants in Sønderborg will further contribute to the green transition of the gas sector.

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-We’re busy transforming the gas sector in Denmark, so the gas in the future will be green. Therefore we’re building biogas plants throughout Denmark. We are intending to invest more than EUR 403 million, where the two plants in Sønderborg are a part of that. Alone, the two plants will produce enough gas to replace natural gas in approximately 25.000 homes and save the community 100.000 tonnes of CO2, states Ole Hvelplund, CEO in Nature Emergy.

Important for CO2-neutral municipality
Sønderborg municipality is aiming to be CO2 neutral by 2029. The plans for the two new biogas plants, that will both reduce the municipality’s CO2 emissions and create jobs are highly pleasing for the mayor of Sønderborg:
-Biogas production is an excellent method to help us achieve our goal of becoming CO-neutral by 2029. I’m therefore very pleased that two strong partners are going to invest EUR 67 million in Sønderborg. This investment will secure effective handling of local rubbish and a better fertiliser product for farmers, who will get a degassed and less smelly liquid manure in return. The two plants will therefore be beneficial for both our farmers and for the Sønderborg area’s CO2 emissions. In addition, the plants also create good, green jobs, says Sønderborgs mayor, Erik Lauritzen

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