New Biogas Plant Supplies Heat for Arla

By Anne Vestergaard Andersen, June 03, 2015

New biogas plant in the Northern part of Denmark, supplies heat for 155 homes – including heat for the Arla dairy in Bislev.

Under the name Energy Vegger an entirely new biogas plant has been constructed in the small town Vegger in the Northern part of Denmark – An investment of EUR 7.42 million (DKK 54 million).

The biogas plant produces heat for 155 homes in Vegger, while the majority of the daily heat production of 15.000 cubic metres biogas is send to the Arla dairy in Bislev.

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Of the total construction cost of EUR 7.42 (DKK 54 million), EUR 670,000 (DKK 5 million) has been spent on a fixed pipe connection between the biogas plant and the Arla diary factory.

For 27 years, Vegger Biogas has supplied Vegger’s more than 150 households with district heating. However, the biogas plant was in need of a solid renovation. With the possibility to sell a part of the future heat production to the Arla cheese diary in Bislev, it was possible to both modernise and double the heat production.

At a general meeting, the consumers in Vegger (86 out of 89 attendees), gave the board of Vegger Heating Plant green light to take over the almost debt-free, but worn-down biogas plant, and gave their approval of the two-digit million investment.


Source: Energi Vegger

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