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By State of Green (Image: Skanderborg Forsyningsvirksomhed), March 06, 2018

AquaGlobe, a new Water Solution Center, in Skanderborg, Denmark was inaugurated last week. Dedicated to connecting the most innovative and ambitious actors in the water sector, the centre provides solutions to deal with global water threats such as water shortage, flooding and pollution.

Founded by Danish utility company Skanderborg Forsyning and co-founded by Kamstrup, Grundfos and AVK Group, AquaGlobe is the manifestation of several water industry participants’ dedication to create a water solution centre. Together with the industry’s key actors, the centre develops and tests new, innovative and sustainable water technology directly in the functioning supply net of Skanderborg Utility and measure its performance in real time.

The centre was inaugurated last week on Friday March 2 with the participation of 130 key actors from the Danish water industry. During the afternoon, they were introduced to inspiring speakers, innovative ideas and demonstrations aimed primarily at exploring how one creates synergies between day-to-day operations and demonstration and export to further economic growth, jobs and the achievement of the UN Sustainability Goals as well. At the inauguration, CEO at Skanderborg Forsyning Jens F. Bastrup emphasised:

– When we join efforts, we can use our strengths to unite local day-to-day operations with export and with a strong contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Constantly pursuing innovation
For quite some time Denmark has had a leading position in the water industry with innovative solutions and technologies attracting international attention – but in order to maintain such a position, the Danish water sector needs to keep exploring new technologies and solutions.

With its testing facilities, world water innovation lab and showrooms, AquaGlobe provides an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to pursue such experiments and explore new technologies – technologies to help contribute to the green transition, for as Professor at Aarhus University Philipp Schröder pointed out at the inauguration, not all profitable innovative ideas are beneficial – take bottled water is a tangible example.

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Participants were even encouraged to share their innovative water solutions with others at the inauguration as Green Tech Challenge held its ”Water Tech Disruption Sessions” in collaboration with innovative start-ups and the partners behind AquaGlobe. The sessions consisted of four global water challenges and four possible solutions focusing on online monitoring of water quality in real time, future waterworks, optimised communication with consumers and methods to drain sludge and reduce dirty wastewater discharged in nature.

A co-operating water industry
The vision behind AquaGlobe builds on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Determined to contribute to the goals for water and sanitation (SDG6), AquaGlobe believes in the importance of the water industry co-operating and creating strong “Partnerships for the goals” (SDG17) in order to develop efficient, innovative and sustainable water solutions – and to secure the future of the industry.

AquaGlobe’s partners are Kamstrup, AVK International, Grundfos, Powel, Stjernholm, VIA University College, DANOVA, Eltronic, FRONTMATEC, EUROWATER and Danish Water Technology Group.

Visit AquaGlobe
The Water Solutions Centre is open for partners, customers, educational institutions and visitors of the public interested in experiencing technologies and solutions in a realistic setting.
Read more on AquaGlobe’s own website or contact either Business Developer, Bengt Fromholt-Iversen or Team leader at Customers and services Katrine Jørgensen for more information:

Bengt Fromholt-Iversen
Business Developer
Tel: +45 87 93 93 93
E-mail: [email protected]

Katrine Jørgensen
Team leader, Customers and services
Tel: +45 87 93 93 93
E-mail: [email protected]

About AquaGlobe
AquaGlobe aims to provide the best possible opportunities to gather and use solutions, competencies, and knowledge to further develop leading Danish water technology. AquaGlobe offers facilities to test, demonstrate and showcase Danish water technology solutions. Its water school, water academy, and Innovation Camp are created to attract talent to the water sector, and the visitor centre is designed to bring together in-depth product knowledge, operational know-how, and digital illustrations to explore how Danish water technology solutions are elevated when combined in holistic solutions.

Although based in Skanderborg at the headquarter of the water utility company, Skanderborg Forsyning, AquaGlobe’s goal is global. By drawing on the competencies and experiences of world-leading water companies, the ambition is to contribute to solving some of the major, global water challenges.

– Read more here

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