Multimillion Euro sum Given To Build Giant Solar Park in Nees

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By State of Green, September 05, 2017

The financing will provide 160,000 solar power cell panels and power for 11,000 households.

Denmark will soon get a large-scale solar park. The company Better Energy has obtained financing from the Danish Green Investment Fund to construct four solar parks in the Danish town of Nees. Together, they will represent Denmark’s third largest solar park. The combined financing amounts to EUR 34 million.

When the park commences operations, it will generate energy amounting to the annual electricity consumption of 11,000 households. Situated on 63 hectares, the park will consist of 160,000 solar power panels.

-Solar energy has the potential to contribute substantially to the renewable energy mix. The price of solar technology is falling significantly and will, together with the development of more effective battery capacity, lead to significant changes in the future energy supply. We want to continue to expand the potential in solar energy, says Michael Zöllner, Head of Corporate Clients in the Danish Green Investment Fund.

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Solar power country
The solar park in Nees is the latest piece of evidence that Denmark is about to become a solar power country. The rapid technological developments in the area mean that solar power is viable even in a mild climate such as Denmark’s.

-Many would believe that solar power isn’t a viable option in Denmark, but solar power cells are actually most effective in areas with clear sun and low temperatures. Sun insolation is actually quite high in Nees. Solar power is an excellent supplement to wind energy, as production is often negatively correlated, says Rasmus Kjær, who is a co-founder and managing partner in Better Energy.

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Better Energy will construct the solar parks, which will then be connected to the electricity grid. The four solar parks will be constructed simultaneously, with an expected completion date of late November/early December 2017.

Source: Energy Supply Denmark

Photo: Better Energy

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