Innovative wave energy plant ready to be launched at sea

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By State of Green, August 29, 2018

Solar panels and wind energy have already proved fit for the green energy transition, but the tremendous potential of the ocean in terms of wave energy is still being tested.

For the past 13 years, the Danish company Crestwing has worked on a wave energy power plant. Now it is finally ready to be launched in Kattegat, a strait between Jutland, Denmark, and Sweden.

Tordenskjold, which means thunder shield in Danish, is the name of the new wave energy power plant that is ready to take the next step towards commercialisation in September, 2018. The idea behind the plant is to produce energy from the waves in the ocean, a solution with great potential, however, it still needs a couple of years of stress testing, according to the developers.

Since 2005, Crestwing has been developing and testing the plant in diverse settings. Tordenskjold is 30 metres long and 7.5 metres wide, which fits with the size of the waves in  Kattegat.

During the next two years, Tordenskjold will be supervised and stress tested for analyses by a group of researchers and experts on sustainable maritime solutions. After the stress-testing period, the wave energy power plant will be sold to energy companies, both nationally and internationally.

Engineer Henning Pilgaard, who constructed and created the technique behind Tordenskjold, passed away before the launch of the project. However, his wife Ruth Bloom has continued with his ideas and projects.


You can read more about the project here.


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