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By State of Green, March 12, 2019

25 Danish companies are representing sustainable solutions in Argentina during the coming state visit by H.M. the Queen of Denmark.

From March 18-20, H.M. the Queen of Denmark will travel to Argentina on a state visit, accompanied by representatives from 30 Danish companies. During the last couple of years, the Argentine government has implemented reforms to ensure a growing economy, which have made it possible to focus on a sustainable transition within water management and renewable energy production.

The country has started to implement its plan towards increasing the amount of renewable energy in its energy production. In this way, Argentina’s objective is to reach 20 per cent renewable energy in 2025. Another objective for Argentina is to ensure 100 per cent clean drinking water in the future, which will require know-how and expertise within the area.

The purpose of the state visit is to continue this development through investments and by supporting Argentina in its transition towards a more sustainable society. The focus of the visit will be within sustainable energy sources, water management, food and agriculture as well as health. All areas where Danish companies offer a great amount of experience and know-how.

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Creating collaboration between stakeholders across two nations

The Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Mr. Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, will also take part in the visit to strengthen the collaboration between the Argentine and Danish regulatory institutions, thereby creating conditions, which can foster better collaboration between organisations and companies across the two nations.

State of Green will also be present during the visit to facilitate the cooperation between organisations and companies across industries and nationalities. By sharing experience and knowledge, Danish representatives and high-level participants from Argentina will can look for ways to ensure long-term collaboration, thereby creating better conditions for both Danish and Argentine stakeholders.

Showcasing solutions for a greener future

During the visit, Danish companies will showcase their solutions within wind, bioenergy and water to serve as inspiration for dialogue and to foster future partnerships. The state visit will also include company and site visits to Argentine stakeholders working within water and energy. This includes a visit to the Argentine, state-run utility AySA that runs one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Argentina. The visit will include dialogues on how to ensure efficient wastewater treatment, as well as inspiration on how to create surplus energy from wastewater. The other site visit will be to one of the largest energy companies in Argentina, YPF and YPF Luz. This visit will set focus on YPF’s move towards integrating more renewable energy in their production and how they are planning go about this transition from fossil to clean energy.

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Preparing for UNFCCC in Chile

Following the official state visit to Argentina, a smaller company delegation will continue to Santiago, Chile, to offer their collaboration within smart and sustainable city solutions. With one of the highest urbanisation rates in the world, Chile is facing urgent challenges to develop infrastructure, water management and urban development. The Danish delegation will meet representatives from the local ministries, city authorities from Santiago de Chile, organisations, developers and other relevant associations to address challenges in Chile and to offer possible partnerships and solutions.

The visit will also be part of the planning activities for the upcoming UNFCCC COP25, which will be held in Chile in December 2019.

Read more about Danish urban solutions in Argentina and Chile in the report prepared in partnership with Quercus Group and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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