Expanded country cooperation to jump-start offshore wind energy in Turkey

By State of Green, March 20, 2019

Denmark has signed an expansion of the existing energy collaboration between Turkey and Denmark, which means that the Danish Energy Agency now launches a new government cooperation with a focus on offshore wind. Since 2017, the Danish Energy Agency has supported the green transition in the heating sector in Turkey, who now also wish to benefit from Danish experience in the offshore wind sector.

On behalf of Denmark, Ambassador Svend Olling has signed an expansion of the existing energy partnership agreement with the CEO of General Directorate for Energy Affairs, Murat Zekeriya Aydin under the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. The signature heightens and widens the positive government agreement between Denmark and Turkey.

“I am pleased that the existing collaboration has been successful, and therefore, we are expanding to offshore wind as well. The positive collaboration so far means that I have great expectations for the new project,” said Danish Ambassador Svend Olling.

Denmark will assist Turkish authorities with developing attractive framework requirements that can contribute to realising Turkey’s offshore wind ambitions. The Danish Energy Agency will provide support for the development of relevant policies, strategies and solutions based on the Danish experience with offshore wind.

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“The Turkish authorities have requested an expansion of our existing energy collaboration, and we see that as an acknowledgment of our previous work and as a vote of confidence to Danish Energy Agency. We are looking forward to seeing great results, where we will get the opportunity to promote Danish experiences and solutions in the offshore wind sector”, said Vice Executive Martin Hansen, DEA.

Great interest in Danish experience

Denmark is a world leader when it comes to the regulation and framework of offshore wind, and therefore, the Danish Energy Agency has already been in contact with Turkish authorities and representatives from the Turkish wind industry, who want to learn more about the Danish government experience with offshore wind.

There is a particular focus on the Danish approach of planning and supplying offshore wind parks, where the close dialogue with the industry and transparent and effective regulatory procedures have assured interested from investors and developers with record-low bids as a result.

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High-growth country with potential for wind power

There is great potential for offshore wind parks along the Turkish coastline, but currently there are no offshore wind turbines in Turkey at all. The immediate possibilities show a potential at 7-10 GW, but they are expected to be higher after further studies. As a comparison, Denmark has currently installed around 1.7 GW offshore wind.

However, with a fast-growing economy in recent years and increased demand for electricity, Turkey will focus on exploiting their own energy resource and minimising the extensive import dependency. For Denmark, the collaboration means a unique opportunity to influence the Turkish offshore wind sector, especially in relation to disseminating Danish energy solutions and placing Danish players and companies on the market.



The energy collaboration between Denmark and Turkey is a Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) and began in 2017 as “Efficient and Low Carbon Supply of Heating and Cooling”, and has now expanded to a government collaboration entitled ”Roadmap for Offshore Wind in Turkey”. The Danish Energy Agency has since 2015 been in close contact with the Turkish Ministry of Energy and has posted a sector advisor at the Danish embassy in Ankara.


Source: Danish Energy Agency

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