Organic beer to be served with sustainable energy at Roskilde Festival

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By State of Green, June 11, 2019

A new sustainable partnership between the popular annual Danish music festival, Roskilde Festival and the Danish brewery Tuborg will be focusing on youth communities and new, sustainable solutions. As part of the partnership, this year’s Roskilde Festival will feature a new organic pilsner, beer stands powered by green electricity and a new alcohol free party area.  

The partnership is based on a common ambition of developing new communities among young people and contributing to new sustainable solutions, which can diminish the festivals carbon footprint. The music festival normally hosts 130.000 guests each year, a figure which corresponds to Denmark’s fourth biggest city.

New organic beer tapped and served on green energy

The partnership’s initial initiatives will be launched at this year’s Roskilde Festival, where a completely new Tuborg beer will have its world premiere. The beer is called Tuborg Orange and is an organic pilsner, which will be available at all of the festival’s beer stands with the goal of increasing the overall organic component of beverage sales during the festival.

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Another of the partnership’s green initiatives at Roskilde Festival this year is that the beer supply will be powered by green energy. During 2019, the partners will purchase green certificates to ensure that the beer served at the festival can be powered by sustainable energy sources.

By 2020 all the beer served will be based on sustainable energy. The energy will be produced at a solar park that Roskilde Festival and Tuborg will build in close proximity to the festival’s location.

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Fighting plastic waste and securing responsible party culture 

Another challenge the partnership aims to tackle is eliminating single-use plastic. This means that more than a million single-use glasses will be replaced with recycled glasses. Each of these can be used more than 25 times.

Finally, this year’s festival will be offering a new recreational area in the middle of the camping area, where the guests can have an alcohol free break and have a good time with activities such as dancing, yoga or relaxing with alcohol free beers.

This alcohol-free zone is also a way of initiating a dialogue about party and alcohol culture, where the aim is to challenge the existing norms and party habits among young people in a party calendar that is already fully booked.


Facts about the partnership:

  • In addition to delivering beverages at Roskilde Festival, the partnership has the ambition to develop sustainable communities for the benefit of young people. The agreement consists of three main areas: Innovation and new sustainable solutions, development of the artistic growth segment, volunteering and young people’s opportunities.
  • The partnership agreement runs from 2019-2023.
  • The energy use at the beer stands in 2019 is GOO certified (Guarantees of Origin). Any additional energy from sustainable energy sources that is certified by the international EKOenergy-network.
  • Previous partnerships between Roskilde Festival and Tuborg have offered experiences such as the art exhibition KlubRÅ, a swimmingpool in front of the popular Orange Scene, an enormous concert ghetto blaster and, of course, plenty of other good beer experiences.
  • Carlsberg Denmark has been partners with Roskilde Festival since 1992.



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