Denmark: The Most Wind Energy Producing Country Per Capita

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By State of Green, August 09, 2017

Out of all OECD countries Denmark has produced the most energy from wind turbines per capita over the last 15 years. More than one-quarter of all renewable energy produced in Denmark comes from wind turbines.

According to a recently released overview of the amount of gigawatt hours (GWh) produced from wind turbines in OECD countries, Denmark produced just over 13,000 GWh in 2014. This is on par with countries such as Sweden, Canada, France and Italy. However, the populations of these countries are vastly different, which is why the overview also includes figures regarding how many kilowatt hours (kWh) are produced per capita from a country’s wind turbines.

When one takes kWh per capita into account, Denmark produced over 2,300 kWh/per capita in 2014, an amount that is greater than any other OECD country, and almost twice as large as Sweden, which is the next country on the list.

For over 15 years, Denmark has been the OECD country that has produced the most kWh/per capita, an amount which has grown by 192%.

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Taking a closer look at Denmark, it is also possible to see that renewable energy as a share of total energy production has grown considerably since the turn of the century. Data supplied for Danish energy production covers the period up to 2016, which reveals that in 2000, renewable energy comprised 6.9% of total energy production. By 2016, this share had grown to 26.5%, which is over a quarter of all energy produced.

Energy powered by wind power also comprises a greater share of the total amount of renewable energy produced in 2016 than it did in 2000.

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The amount of wind power as a percentage of the total amount of renewable energy produced in Denmark on an annual basis increased from 19% in 2000 to 27% in 2016. So whilst wind power comprised one-fifth of all renewable energy produced in Denmark in 2000, by 2016 this amount had grown to a little over one-quarter.


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