Denmark expands its green energy collaboration to three new countries

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By State of Green, August 24, 2021

In reducing CO2 emissions, Denmark sets out to support France within offshore wind development, Poland on district energy and Kenya in their efforts to establish a sustainable electricity supply. With the addition of three new climate partnership countries, Denmark now collaborates with 19 countries encompassing two thirds of the global CO2 emissions.

Curbing climate change calls for international collaboration. In driving collective efforts, Denmark is now expanding its global range of climate partnerships and government collaborations to France, Poland, and Kenya. With the three new partners, Denmark has government collaboration with a total of 19 countries, including some of the biggest global emitters, such as the U.S., India, and China.

In sharing experiences and know-how within energy transition, the energy tie-up with local government and authorities contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and while pacing the way for green technology exchange:

“Denmark is only accountable for 0.1 per cent of global emissions. Our ambitious climate target and green solutions at home therefore needs to travel and inspire other countries to accelerate their green transition. Only by doing so, Denmark can make a substantial difference for the climate. Through these climate partnerships, we share knowledge and experiences from the last 40 years of intensively developing capacities within energy efficiency, offshore wind, and energy planning with the rest of the world. By showing the way forward at home, we seek to make a difference abroad”, says Denmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jørgensen.

At the heart of Denmark’s global climate efforts, the partnerships seek to enhance local capacities and strengthen the political decision making in fostering a global path towards sustainable and cost-effective energy transition.

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Great potential for green Danish energy solutions

Recently, France renewed it ambition to intensify the country’s focus of offshore wind. In Poland, a new and substantially greener energy policy seeks to push the overall green transition of the country. Finally, Kenya is at the foot of a unique opportunity to create green growth based on a nation-wide transition towards sustainable energy sources.

In all cases, the shifts create new pathways for Danish solutions providers, developers, and authorities to provide technical expertise and societal experiences based on Denmark’s long-standing tradition. In Poland, the collaboration will initially revolve around district energy whereas as the Kenyan partnership focusses on acquiring the cheapest and more sustainable energy sources for the country’s electricity production at large.

With regulatory experiences being key a component across all markets, the climate partnerships are expected to expend and cover a wider range of green transition as the work progress.

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