Danish Wastewater Solutions Attract Chinese Interest

By State of Green, May 22, 2017

From 15-18 May 2017, a Chinese delegation of consultants, producers and contractors from large and medium-sized companies visited Denmark. Organised by State of Green, in collaboration with the Danish Trade Council and Invest in Denmark, a wide range of Danish technologies and know-how related to wastewater were showcased during the four-day program.

The potential of wastewater

On the first day, the delegation learned about everything from the Danish green transition, wastewater regulation and opportunities for collaboration to specific technologies. They met with representatives of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the Danish CleanTech Hub in Shanghai, LiqTech and Aquaporin. At Lynetten, Denmark’s largest municipal wastewater treatment plant, the delegates experienced how BIOFOS has managed to transform Lynetten from energy consumer to energy producer through energy-efficiency and biogas production.

Chinese delegates visit Lynetten, Denmark’s largest municipal wastewater treatment plant.

During a visit to Herning Vand on the second day, another Danish wastewater treatment plant, the delegation was introduced to the Mermiss project of cleaning the medical residue from hospitals. They also examined Denmark’s largest struvite plant for converting sludge from wastewater into eco-friendly fertilizer. One representative from the delegation expressed particular interest in the project and said that he planned for future cooperation, as Herning Vand is further ahead with the technology.

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Potential for future Chinese-Danish cooperation

Besides touring wastewater facilities, the delegation visited private companies. According to Global Director for Water & Waste Water at Danfoss, Mads Warming, the interaction between them and the delegation was rewarding. “It was a pleasure to have the visit from China. Some of them were known customers and others were new. We are convinced that we got a few to consider selecting Danfoss next time they have a need for products like ours”, says Mads Warming.

The delegation also attended a networking session with eleven Danish companies, comprising of Nissen Energi Teknik, Grundfos, Ejlskov, Sunstone Water Technologies, Nordic Technologies, DHI Shanghai, AVK International, KD Group, European House of Quality, GL-Turbo International, and Dancutter.

Ilse Korsvang, Head of Danish Water Technology Group who organised the workshop, had the impression that the meetings were beneficial for both parties. This corresponded with the evaluation from the Chinese delegates who expressed that it was interesting to not only meet the large companies but also the smaller ones. Dancutter was for instance pointed out as an interesting technology provider.

Workshop at the Danish Water Technology Group.

According to the Chinese delegates they now have relevant contacts for future cooperation. During the visit, Yuan Lin from Thunip said that Denmark is well-known for its technologies in water pollution control. In addition, a representative of Shanghai Environment Protection Industry Association plans to work towards connecting Danish companies with Chinese members of the association who are searching for new solutions abroad.

It is safe to say that the Chinese delegation left Denmark with a deepened insight into the Danish wastewater solutions as well as a new network of relevant contacts awaiting their call.

The group of 11 delegates represented following companies: Poten, Sound Group, Thunip, Shanghai Bodan Environment Engineering Technology, Shanghai Reuse Environmental Protection Engineering and Technology, Shanghai Huanzong Industrial, Jiangsu Yiyang Water Industrial, Wuxi Togo Environmental Equipment and Jiangsu Sunda Water Company Limited.

The Chinese water industry

The Chinese water industry was worth approximately USD 100 billion in 2016, and is expected to increase by almost 30 percent towards 2020. China is currently one of the biggest purchasers of Danish water technology and has since 2006 almost tripled its import.

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