Danish-Japanese cooperation to accelerate the expansion of offshore wind in Japan

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By State of Green, June 11, 2020

Danish experiences can contribute to the green transition in Japan by utilising the country’s large wind resources. A strengthened cooperation between Denmark and Japan also includes large commercial opportunities for the Danish wind industry that can deliver the green solutions requested by the Japanese.

If we are to solve the climate crisis the world is currently facing, the countries with the highest emissions of CO2 must commit to the green transition. The goal of initiating a new energy cooperation with a focus on offshore wind is to convert Danish know-how into real CO2 reductions. In a situation where Danish exports are facing a major setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this could also mean an increase in energy technology exports. Japan is the world’s third largest economy and Denmark’s 13th largest export market.

The cooperation supports Japan’s green transition, which is crucial if we are to reach the global climate goals in the Paris Agreement. Today, Japan emits the seventh largest amount of greenhouse gases in the world and the country is dependent on goal. However, the Danish authorities’ experiences and green solutions could contribute to fulfilling the island nation’s great potential for offshore wind. According to Japan Wind Power Association, the potential for offshore wind in Japan is 35.2 GW before 2030.

The opportunity to establish the new energy cooperation originates from the Japanese government’s growing interest in the Danish wind framework conditions. Clear, impactful and cost-effective rules and frameworks are essential for large-scale expansion of offshore wind.

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“If we are to push the climate agenda, we need the big players on the global arena. We should inspire as well as deliver concrete solutions. Our new cooperation with Japan is a really good example of this approach. It is a great opportunity to accelerate the transition from coal to wind in a country where black energy is still dominant. At the same time, we open up new markets for Danish companies who provide green solutions,” said Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities.

Opportunity for green Danish companies

Denmark has more than four decades of experience with developing a wind sector that is currently a global frontrunner. Through government cooperation with the world’s biggest economies, the Danish Energy Agency shares their expertise on e.g. how to design tenders for offshore wind to ensure as low prices as possible. When Danish experiences inspire other countries, the probability for expanding international markets for offshore wind, energy efficiency and district heating increases. This provides new export opportunities for Danish companies and creates jobs in Denmark.

“Denmark must be a green, global frontrunner that leads and inspires in the green transition. Danish companies, solutions and expertise have a unique position in the climate challenges we face. Therefore, as the world’s third largest economy, Japan is important, obviously. With a locally based energy adviser in the Japanese market and the government’s new export and investment package, we are ready to help more green and sustainable companies to Japan, including within offshore wind. This is an important part of the Danish green diplomacy,” said Jeppe Kofod, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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In addition to a focused effort on offshore wind, the cooperation will address the phasing-out of Japan’s investments in coal and examine potential opportunities for future initiatives within energy efficiency and district heating.


  • The cooperation efforts will start up during 2020 and 2021, with the opportunity for extension.
  • The cooperation is part of the export scheme in the energy field, and is supported by experts from the Danish Energy Agency and by an energy adviser, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends to the embassy in Tokyo.
  • Denmark already cooperates with USA, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands and South Korea through Danish Energy Agency and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, the Danish Energy Agency cooperates with China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Ethiopia, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine.
  • Tokyo is a so-called climate frontier together with the embassies in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Berlin, Hanoi, Jakarta, Mexico, Nairobi, New Delhi, Paris, Pretoria, Seoul, Washington, The UN-commission NY and EU-representation in Brussels.


The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities (in Danish)

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

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