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By State of Green, June 28, 2018

The green transition towards more power from wind and solar energy as well as flexible solutions for the consumers requires a closer cooperation between electricity operators.

Currently, the Danish population experience electricity in their power sockets for 99,99 percent of the time. This is for instance due to the continued focus of Danish electricity operators on delivering a stabile world-class electricity supply to all electricity network consumers. Even today, Danish electricity network companies and their industry organisation Dansk Energi (Danish Energy Association) are working in close cooperation with Danish TSO Energinet, an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy,regarding both technical solutions and market related concerns. An intensified cooperation will ensure a delivery of strong solutions for all consumers of the electricity network:

“The energy system is going through a massive change. Power from power plants that are connected to the electricity transmission net is increasingly replaced with wind turbines and solar cells, which are directly connected to the electricity distribution net. In addition, we are looking at a future with more electricity-powered cars, heat pumps and digital solutions. We are ready to solve this task and of course it requires a cooperation between the regional electricity companies and Energinet’’, said Jan Østergaard Jensen, director of electricity company N1, chairman of the Danish Energy network counsel and now also chairman for a new united coordination council. He continuous:

“As neutral market facilitators, Energinet and the electricity network companies will ensure that the electricity system is operated and developed for the good of society and the consumers, now and in the future’’.

Among other initiatives, the cooperation will occur in a new DSO-TSO coordination counsel, where Dansk Energi, the electricity companies and Energinet discuss and manage overall concerns in the green transition regarding the electricity transmission and distribution. The goal is for Denmark to continue to keep abreast of the development of global trends for the benefit of all operators, including end-consumers, electricity producers and electricity merchants.

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‘’In future energy systems, the electricity net will become the backbone of the overall energy  supply as an increasing share of our total energy is electrified. Electricity network companies and Energinet share the responsibility to ensure that we continue to deliver a world-class security of supply at the lowest cost. This can only be ensured if new smart market models and new tariff solutions are developed in parallel to more classic reinforcements of the electricity networks, and in a way where the interaction between transmission and distribution networks is seamless.’’.

‘’Therefore, we are now intensifing our cooperation to ensure both cohesive technical solutions and markets so that consumers and  producers can buy and sell power in well-functioning markets, and profit from working in a flexible manner that supports efficient operations and development of the electricity networks’’, said Søren Dupont Kristensen, director of Electricy System Responsibility within Energinet, and deputy chairman of the coordination council.

‘’On a European level, the plan is to focus on increasing the cooperation between TSOs and DSOs and in Denmark we are happy to take the lead, because our experience is that we create better solutions if we cooperate’’, said Søren Dupont Kristensen

The first meeting in the DSO-TSO coordination council took place on June 19, 2018.

Source: Dansk Energi

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