Americans are thirsty for Danish water solutions

By State of Green, May 29, 2018

Things are going well for Danish water technology. Danish solutions are flowing across the Atlantic Ocean and exports of water technology to the American market have increased by 12.3 percent from 2016 to 2017.

New figures released by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency reveal that the United States of America (USA) is now the third largest market for export of Danish water technology, exceeded only by Sweden and Germany.

New important partnerships
The significant export growth can be partly explained by the model, which the Danish Trade Council’s Water Technology Alliance (WTA) works according to – the so-called WTA model. The WTA model aims to connect Danish water companies to North American consumers and experts. The objective is to spur partnerships, support international knowledge sharing in the water sector and increase Danish exports.

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The WTA model appears to be bearing fruit. Several substantial export agreements between the WTA and American actors have been signed recently:

In late April, the Danish wastewater companies that are members of the WTA entered into a lighthouse project with the wastewater facility Downers Grove Sanitary District, which services wastewater from more than 60,000 inhabitants in the Chicago area. The project has been established to renovate the wastewater facility in line with Danish best practices and utilise experience from the Danish companies to optimise the facility. Meanwhile, Danish companies will gain valuable insights into the American wastewater industry.

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The newest partnership is a cooperation between the renowned American university, Stanford University and Danish groundwater companies who are members of the WTA. Together, they will further develop Danish water technology solutions and bring them into play in California’s newest groundwater program.

-The Danish domestic market is, in many cases, 10-20 years ahead of the American, which means the Danish solutions offers both high quality and often challenge the American partnerships to think outside the box, says Jacob Vind, Head of the WTA.

– Source: The Trade Council

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