Ambitious climate action plans for five megacities

By State of Green, December 15, 2017

Denmark has allocated EUR 2 million to support the five largest and fastest growing cities in Asia and Africa with their green transition.

Cities are responsible for around 70% of global energy consumption and energy related greenhouse gas emissions. They therefore have a central role in the climate agenda, and urban action is key in order to keep global warming below the Paris Agreement’s aim of 1.5oC.

Some of the world’s largest and fastest growing cities are located in developing countries with limited resources to contribute to the work towards the Paris Agreement’s aim of a global green transition.

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Therefore, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has entered a cooperation agreement with the organisation C40 to develop and implement ambitious climate action plans for five megacities in Africa and Asia.

-I am very pleased with the cooperation between C40 and Denmark, which will contribute to the cities’ green ambitions and transition through detailed climate plans. The role of cities is crucial for the global ambitions of a green and sustainable transition. Cities are already facing significant climate challenges and the increase in urbanisation is likely to continue. That will put more pressure on cities, particularly the largest ones, says Minister for International Development Ulla Tørnæs.

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Selection based on needs
The five cities will be selected based on a needs assessment, but there will also be an emphasis on collaboration with other initiatives.

This particularly includes the Danish-led P4G initiative, which through public private partnerships is expected to contribute with concrete solutions to cities’ climate challenges.

The agreement was launched on the 12th of December in connection with the climate summit in Paris, in which heads of state, business executives and organisations gathered to discuss climate and the green transition.

Source: Energy Supply DK

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