Sprout is a pencil with a seed inside. When it’s too short to use, you can use the seed and go from pencil to plant at home, at the office, or in the classroom. Sprout comes in a variety of great flavors, including plants, herbs, and vegetables.

We designed Sprout around a high quality Ticonderoga (sustainably harvested) cedar pencil body. It’s a great writing experience. And it smells really nice too. Sprout is a joy to write with.

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Sprout was designed by the group Easy Going in Professor David Wallace’s graduate product design course to prompt the “eco-friendly office of the future.” We were excited to see the project bear fruit and created our company to make Sprout happen.

We refined the Sprout design over the course of the spring semester. We explored many different ways to put seeds in pencils and came up with a method that was both reliable and beautiful. We tested dozens of prototypes and spent the summer getting the design ready for production.

We raised seed funding for Sprout on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.com, we raised over $37,000 to fund our first production run.

Go from pencil to plant and let your words blossom!

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