Blockchain enabled 100 per cent traceable leather

In January 2021, SPOOR launched a collaboration with the Danish premium shoe brand Roccamore, enabling Roccamore to be among the first in the world to launch a shoe collection made of 100% traceable leather.


The hides used for the production of leather are by-products of the meat and dairy industry, meaning that leather production is essentially a waste upcycling process that creates a durable material that can be further used in the fashion and lifestyle industry. However, as consumers place greater demands on brands to provide information about where and how their products are made, the lack of traceability in the leather industry is proving to be a major challenge for leather suppliers and brands who use leather in their products.


In collaboration with SPOOR, a brand of Scan-Hide which is the only tannery left in Denmark, Danish shoe brand Roccamore has launched its first shoe collection made with premium leather that is 100 per cent traceable, right back to a single animal. SPOOR marks each hide with a unique number, which is resistant and stays on the hide throughout the entire tanning and refinement process to the final leather cut and provides the full backstory of the animal. Details include the country of origin, breed, birthplace, and the abattoir where the animal was slaughtered. The collaboration uses blockchain technology to demonstrate transparency, and each shoe includes a QR code which takes the customer on the entire journey from the fields of Jutland to Scan-Hide, to the finished tannery, to the manufacturers in Tuscany and back to Denmark.


The technology offers Roccamore and other brands alike the full backstory of the individual animal that has supplied the leather they use. In this way, brands can not only trace the origin of each hide, but they can also use this data to substantiate their policies on product quality, animal welfare, environmental protection and social responsibility.


Contributors: SPOOR, Scan-Hide, Roccamore

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SPOOR offers brands in the leather industry hides with full traceability all the way back to the individual animal. Through traceability we provide brands with data to tell the story of the animal behind the hide, make more informed decisions about material use, and increase the level of transparency and control in their supply chain.

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