N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel: Extend the life span of ageing Nordex N50 turbine with Spica Control System

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Specialised in control systems and retrofit solutions, Spica Technology ApS is an international engineering company dedicated a 100% to the wind power industry.

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Spica Technology offers a customised N50 Retrofit solution to extend the life span of ageing Nordex N50 800kW wind turbines. The N50 Retrofit solution is the Spica Retrofit Controller with Spica Control System integrated in a special designed nacelle panel fitted for the Nordex N50 nacelle.

The solution comes with a dual display for easy operation and an online turbine monitoring and data collection system to optimise maintenance and reduce breakdowns. The Spica Retrofit Controller in the N50 Retrofit solution is based on advanced technology and comparable to control systems in modern wind turbines.

With the N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel, we replace your old turbine control system with an up-to-date control system that provides you with valuable data which you can access remote and with access to extensive data, makes it possible to monitor the turbine closely and predict maintenance in order to prevent costly breakdowns.

You will gain:

– increased in- and output e.g. condition monitoring, level monitor, oil analyzer etc.
– possibility to analyse and predict maintenance
– more valuable data
– guaranteed performance
– guaranteed access to spare parts
– customised software features if desired

Installation of N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel

The installation process of the N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel in a N50 turbine is typically conducted in 4 days. The video above is a 2 minutes timelapse of an installation process conducted in the summer 2019 in a N50 turbine in Ildved, Denmark. A retrofit project carried out for the Danish energy company SA Energi I/S.

Are you considering whether the N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel with Spica Control System could be the solution for your Nordex N50 turbine? Don’t hesitate to contact our wind turbine specialists to discuss your turbines challenges or learn more at

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