SolarVenti Ltd. is a small and efficient production and sales company in Denmark with 22 full-time employees. SolarVenti Ltd. have sold, projected, and developed solar heating products since 1981. SolarVenti Ltd. now cooperate with installation contractors, dealers and component suppliers in 24 countries.

In 2001 SolarVenti Ltd. initiated a systematic development and testing of the SolarVenti Solar air collector. The primary goal was to produce and sell an efficient air based solar collector which would operate solely on sunlight and independently of connection to the mains supply.

The installation of the power producing solar cell inside the solar collector panel was one of the stunning results of our product development, and the underlying technique has now been patented in Europe, People’s Republic of China, Japan, and Australia. In 2006 SolarVenti Ltd. was graded as a Gazelle-Company.

The goal for SolarVenti Ltd. is to nourish the close and fertile contacts we have established with business partners worldwide and to maintain, distribute, and develop an attractive product for sale in Denmark as well as on foreign markets.


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Hans Jørgen Christensen

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