Simon Moos Maskinfabrik is an international company incorporating 35 years of experience and development within the area sludge dewatering and sludge treatment including sludge sanitation. We are one of the leading firms producing mobile and on-site sludge units for dewatering of sludge (volume reduction) and industrial waste water.

    We develop and custom-design units where simplicity, sturdiness, high efficiency and reliability are the keywords and this combined with a very user friendly operation guarantee a strong overall economy.

    The quality lies in the details, and our many years of experience and qualifications is your guarantee of receiving a product, ready to meet the challenges of the future. Therefore, we constantly focus on creating cost effective values throughout the entire life of the unit.

    Our units are extremely efficient and operational and are typically used in the following areas:

    • Pipes/pipelines: Sewage pipes etc.
    • Wells: Gullies, kitchen grease traps, pumping wells etc.
    • Separators: Grease, oil and petrol
    • Tanks: Septic tanks, waste water tanks, oil tanks etc.
    • Cleaning: Canals, ponds etc.

    Our specialized product range is as follows:

    • KSA – mobile sludge dewatering
    • AVC/EOD/DOD – On-Site sludge dewatering
    • Lime/sludge mixing plant
    • High-tip container

    Visit our website and find further information about the advantages using our products.

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    Adam Vest

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