Groundwater mapping on Gotland, Sweden

Investigations for ground water extraction and salt water intrusion.

In 2013, the Swedish Geological Survey, SGU, contracted SkyTEM to survey the Swedish island of Gotland.

The surveys aimed primarily at studying the hydrogeological conditions of groundwater extraction in four areas on Gotland, which were assessed as being particularly interesting from a hydrogeological perspective.

The results show that the SkyTEM method is very well suited for surveying the geology on Gotland. The interpretation of the data acquired has resulted in a number of identified areas which will be important in future investigations of groundwater extraction.

For each of the survey areas, a map has been drawn up showing the depth to the level with risk of salt water encroachment.

The full report has been published and can be downloaded from SGU’s website here.

The successful results from the initial surveys resulted in further SkyTEM surveys on Gotland, which have just been completed.

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