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Site Facility

Site Facility has developed a unique concept based on structured camp facility solutions.

Site Facility specializes in project management of camp facility services. This means, that we will act as coordinator of all practical aspects of building, operating, maintaining and demounting the camp including reestablishment of the camp compound. And because we minimize the transportation between camp and accommodation, we also minimize the negative environmental impact through pollution and CO2 emissions.

Through several years of experience, we have the network and resources required to solve such tasks in a flexible and professional way. We are unbiased and work in close dialogue with you to achieve the best solutions at the most favorable prices. This gives your business the freedom to focus on your own core competencies.

Site Facility sets up and services portable accommodations all over the world. The unique part of this concept is the fact that accommodations are set up like a small village in the immediate vicinity to the construction site, bringing clear advantages for all concerned and for the environment.

In our experience residents at the camp increase their productivity and quickly feel at home. The facilities help strengthen social cohesion and provide a unique stay.

Site Facility Camp solution is a full service packaged. Our clients only have to move in and enjoy.

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