In 1981 Poul Andersen founded Simatek (and soon after took over Vetyfon® located in Høng/Jerslev about 100 km west of Copenhagen between Slagelse and Kalundborg.

Simatek’s main production line is pulse-jet fabric filters for selected industries.

For many years more than 500 filters per year have been manufactured and delivered with more than 80 percent as export throughout the world.

Mainly dust collectors for industries within e.g. grain, sugar, feedstuff, coffee, minerals, pharmaceuticals, malt houses, breweries, and distilleries.

Also many process filters for powder recovery after drying plants (spray-, fluid bed-, and drum-drying) and also milling and agglomeration plants.

Flue gas cleaning/high-temperature filtration has over the past 15 years become an important line of business for Simatek – not only as fly ash collectors, but more and more complete plants also including ab- and adsorption of acid and toxic components in the flue gas where Simatek has joined into partnerships with contractors and system builders supplying our unique bag house filter technology.

Manufacturing is partly outsourced, but essential parts and components are still made and tested in Simatek’s workshop.

Staff about 70, 20 of which in workshop and 10 in service.

Simatek has representative offices in Bangkok, Thailand; Lübbecke, Germany; Saintes, France; Halmstad, Sweden, and Vilnius, Lithuania.

Simatek is a member of the Ordyhna Group constituted by Ordyhna Holding as parent company and Simatek and Dedert Corporation, Illinois, USA respectively as subsidiaries.

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