Water treatment for Poland’s largest Combined Cycle Gas Turbine


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EUROWATER has supplied water treatment plant for one of Poland's largest Combined Gas Turbines.

EUROWATER has supplied water treatment plant for one of Poland’s largest Combined Gas Turbines with a capacity of 400 MVe and 240 MWt, located in Stalowa Wola.

This project is one of the first state-of-the art large CCGT gas fired power projects in Poland and part of country’s goal to reduce reliance on use of coal for power generation.

The water treatment plant is designed and built to supply make-up water for high-pressure boilers as well as feed water for the district heating network. The water source is a river. First step of treatment is coagulation and flocculation followed by sand filtration. EDR unit (electrodialysis reversal) as partial desalination plant is used afterwards.

Hereafter the water undergoes membrane filtration on double pass RO unit. Pretreatment to DPRO is antiscalant dosing and NaOH is dosed between the RO stages to bind free CO2. Additionally, fully automatic CIP system is available to make easy cleaning of RO membranes.

Finally, the water is polished on EDI in order to reach ultra-pure water quality.

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