Supplying groundwater for dairy facilities and the local village

BIAGR dairy in Ukraine expanded their business and therefore needed a new water supply.

This meant a complete water treatment solution based on groundwater. Six wells were equipped with high quality pumps operated by frequency converters. The speed regulated pumps eliminate the need for intermediate holding tanks, reducing any microbiological risks caused by standing water. As the groundwater content of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) are above the drinking water limits, two pressure filters were installed with an aeration system controlling proper oxidation. This process is followed by two membrane filtration units, producing a total of 50m³ of demineralised water per hour.

The treated water is collected in separate storage tanks. One tank is for filtered drinking water for domestic purposes and the second is for demineralised water that is used for a wider range of processes, such as CIP (clean-inplace), rinsing as well as cooling to produce butter, cottage cheese, powder milk, whey, and processed cheese. Distribution of the water is executed to the various points of use with energy efficient pumps that ensure the appropriate flow and pressure. Besides meeting the dairy’s daily water  demand of 300 m3 of drinking water and demineralised water of 850 m3, clean drinking water is supplied to the local kindergarten and village centre – all the while exhibiting a lower OPEX than the previous system.

Contributors: Silhorko-Eurowater, Grundfos, BIAGR

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Silhorko-Eurowater (EUROWATER) - A Grundfos Company - brings years of experience and specialised know-how within high-quality water treatment. EUROWATER supplies customers in a broad range of industries and application areas, including boiler water, process water, cooling water, rinse water and drinking water.

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