Energy-neutral waterworks

In Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, a new waterworks has been built, Truelsbjerg waterworks. Besides its primary function of producing water of high quality, it will serve as a reserach and test centre. Classic waterworks concepts have been rethought to take drinking water safety to new levels, and the waterworks is also designed to be energy-neutral.

The typical contamination sources for traditional waterworks have been identified and, for instance, the concrete tanks for water treatment have been replaced with steel tanks with pressure to eliminate the contamination risk from concrete cracking. New, technologically advanced solutions are used in all the waterworks´ functions and the different design solutions made adapting to future changes in the supply structure easy.

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Silhorko-Eurowater (EUROWATER) - A Grundfos Company - brings years of experience and specialised know-how within high-quality water treatment. EUROWATER supplies customers in a broad range of industries and application areas, including boiler water, process water, cooling water, rinse water and drinking water.

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