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Silhorko-Eurowater (EUROWATER) - A Grundfos Company - brings years of experience and specialised know-how within high-quality water treatment. EUROWATER supplies customers in a broad range of industries and application areas, including boiler water, process water, cooling water, rinse water and drinking water.

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Denmark is considered the leading district heating market when it comes to innovation and practical experience with modern district heating. For this reason recommendations issued by the Danish District Heating Association are typically received with much interest from other countries, in order to learn “Best Practice” based on findings from the close to 400 district heating companies in Denmark.

SILHORKO-EUROWATER is a leading, independent Danish manufacturer of water treatment solutions with close to 400 employees throughout Europe. The single most important business sector for us is the district heating/energy industry. We have manufactured solutions for district heating and energy companies for several decades:

Boiler heating plants, combined heat & power plants, waste-to-energy plants as well as solar heating plants.  Installations in Denmark as well as in Sweden, Finland, Germany, The Baltic Countries, Norway, Poland, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Ukraine etc. – markets where we have own sales and service teams.

This case is showing a chemical free water treatment solution with softener, based on ion exchange, and reverse osmosis unit to produce demineralized make-up water and hereafter a membrane degassing unit to remove oxygen from the water to below 0.02 mg/l. Use of chemicals for that purpose is viewed as the least attractive alternative. The last step is adjustment of pH by means of sodium hydroxide, NaOH.

In other words: Optimum treated make-up water and circuit water are demineralized and deoxidized, free of mechanical impurities, and suitably alkalized with as few chemicals as possible. If these facts are disregarded, you run the risk of corrosions and precipitations in installations.

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