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With offshore wind farms now firmly established as a viable resource of revenue and energy, more and more energy providers are looking to reap the rewards from harvesting ocean winds. Offshore wind farms are proving to be extremely profitable over the entire life cycle of a project.

Siemens Wind Power has a proven track record in delivering the world’s largest offshore wind farms, on-time and on-budget. With each passing project Siemens’ skill set deepens and the solutions become even more advanced. The vast experience makes Siemens the number one choice for large offshore projects. World-class engineering and entrepreneurial spirit have always been the drivers behind our technology leadership.

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Siemens 2.3 and 3.6 MW wind turbines are designed to last and are suitable for both onshore and offshore wind farms. The most powerful turbine, the SWT-3.6-107, is specifically designed for offshore applications. For offshore farms located in shallow water or close to the shore, the SWT-2.3 series is the perfect fit. The blades are made in Siemens’ proprietary Integral®Blade manufacturing process. The blades are cast in one piece in a closed process eliminating the traditional weaknesses found at glue joints in conventional blades.

Continuous monitoring of the turbines checks the external and internal state of the wind turbine allowing Siemens to catch even small faults before they cause breakdowns. Precise measurements are taken of vibrations in the gearbox, the generator and the main shaft bearings, which optimizes availability and maximizes power generation. Climate control within the turbine protects vital equipment from the outside environment resulting in reductions of the already low maintenance costs.

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