Shoreline Wind Execution tool

A fully integrated asset management solution to manage the full cycle from planning work, scheduling resources, monitoring progress to reporting production.

What is Shoreline Execution?

Integrated simulation, optimisation, planning, execution & reporting solutions in one for onshore and offshore wind projects. A data-driven approach to wind project construction and service. Intelligent simulations deliver accurate forecasts and optimised daily schedules. Automated progress reporting saves time and makes the best use of your people. 

Shoreline can provide your company with a single tool to engineer, analyse and manage data from multiple projects, providing all of the following modules within one software package.

Key features in Execution

  • Plan teams and logistics
    Schedule personnel and transport against requirements with minimal manual handling.
  • Manage resource availability
    Quickly spot resource availability and assign personnel and vessels to work orders based on their qualifications and capabilities. 
  • Report on daily activities
    Create and share daily progress reports digitally with clients or management to ensure transparency and version control- on-demand and in the formats you want.
  • Optimise work schedules
    Game-changing optimisation technology does what humans can do today, just much, much faster – allowing your people to do what they do best. Tedious scheduling and re-scheduling of tasks take minutes instead of hours with our schedule optimisation engine.
  • Monitor site progress
    Quickly analyse the progress of your sites and assets in one comprehensive overview.

  • Marine Coordination
    Intelligent framework for Marine coordination with advanced vessel management, site overview and personnel tracking.

Coming soon …. Mobile solution

Access schedules, log time and generate reports, work orders and checklists on a mobile or tablet.

Responsive & Offline Solution

Register activities, defects and NCRs, complete checklists, upload photos, report adverse and EHS events and complete work orders all from your mobile device.

Upcoming Schedules

View todays and upcoming work schedules with location, work and team details.

Time Logging

Technicians can log time against activities immediately.


With ground-breaking innovation and vast industry knowledge, our solutions are proven to boost productivity, reduce costs and create an experience employees need to drive efficiency with a wide range of above listed well-loved features.


The technology behind…

With complex algorithms, machine learning and enriched data from many sources, Shoreline simulate on- and offshore energy deployment, with accurate projections and realistic timelines far beyond what customised ERP systems can do.

With precision, Shoreline can easily optimise complex schedules and help decision-makers reduce risk and achieve safer, more cost-efficient operations and increased production using our intelligent schedule optimisation engine.

Shorelines groundbreaking cloud-based simulation software takes many parameters into account and constantly fetches real-time data from external providers – such as data about current weather and wind conditions – and combines it with historical data to generate accurate, unified and updated tailored output.

About author

Shoreline is a SaaS company that provides AI-based intelligent simulation and optimisation solutions for wind project development, construction management, progress reporting and field service operations. Users of Shoreline solutions reduce risk, minimise costly calculation mistakes, increase power production while optimising the utilisation of resources and driving down cost.

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