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With an extensive knowledge about developing methanol fuel cell solutions, we constantly strive to improve our solutions and always deliver the best quality. Working in a close partnership with our costumers means that we always offer the most efficient solution to our customers, and with a scalable product line we provide unique solutions to our customers wherever needed. We believe that power should be available to everyone no matter where they are.

We have entered a time where we need to look towards alternative ways of producing energy. With Serenergy’s methanol fuel cell solutions we can provide e-mobility and stationary power generation without fossil fuels and help to reduce greenhouse gases. Serenergy aims to be a turnkey replacement for internal combustion engines.

Mission: We provide efficient, low-emission methanol fuel cell solutions for e-Mobility and stationary power generation.

Vision: Methanol Fuel Cells will wipe the Internal Combustion Engine from the surface of the earth.

Serenergy was founded in 2006 to conduct research and development on high-energy methanol fuel cells. In recent years Serenergy has experienced strong growth and today we employ more than 50 highly skilled people within a wide range of personnel groups.

Serenergy has its headquarter in Aalborg (Denmark), but we also have significant activities at our partner company, Fischer Group in Archern (Germany). Fischer Group has been part of Serenergy as subcontractor and shareholder since 2011 but today Serenergy is part of Fischer Group. Today Serenergy’s focus has turned to the commercial market seeing an opportunity to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, which currently poses a major threat to our environment.

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