SLX Sparrow

The first step for saving energy is measuring energy. Utility meter modem with one footprint for multiple communication protocols.

Connected residential meters mean saving time and money for remote reading, but also enable residents to save energy, as utility companies can help residents’ awareness of their energy usage.

Making a connected meter should be easy, cost efficient and the results should be reliable. What if it could be future-proof as well?

SLX Sparrow is a utility meter modem securely supporting multiple communication protocols. With one footprint, Sparrow’s modular, standardized approach saves you time and money.

Why Sparrow?

  1. Utility companies need remote and automatic meter reading
  2. Customer requirements change, depending on the project
  3. Customized solutions are slow, expensive and require special knowledge
  4. Sparrow offers standard hardware/software solutions as modules with one footprint
  5. Meter manufacturers don’t need to change the software, Sparrow converts your data automatically
  6. Meter manufacturers only need to adapt once to the Sparrow footprint
  7. Sparrow security-by-design enables compliance with security and privacy requirements

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IoT can optimize energy systems, and IoT is simpler than you think, if you work with the right company. We are experts in identifying IoT business opportunities as well as experts in making them a reality.

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