Automatic meter reading, and so much more as high-resolution energy-usage data opens up for a range of new and unexpected business models that can help residents save energy.

innogy needed a residential smart-meter system (less than 6.000 kWh per year) with automatic meter reading to reduce costs. It also needed to give customers more detailed access to their energy-usage data than the billing data, to better enable them to save energy. Finally, it needed to have heightened security, such that a former tenant in an  apartment couldn’t read meter data from his old meter, for example.

Seluxit’s work entailed high-security protocol development as well as hardware design of radio modules (modems) for three different meter vendors (eBZ, Iskraemeco and EMH), enabled by LoRa® radio modulation. The rollout of ca. 6,4 million units is currently in its initial stages, and tens of thousands of modems are already being produced.

Seluxit’s expertise has allowed for a smooth production, including key management, certification and testing. But Seluxit is not resting on its laurels, and is already developing an improved series of modems with a single footprint supporting multiple communication protocols. Seluxit also has a full complementary solution, from meter to cloud to app, enabling new data-driven business models where energy-usage data can create value, for example, as applied as an alarm system or providing elderly care.

From providing residents with detailed information about how they use energy, to finding new value for energy-usage data, Seluxit is enabling companies like innogy to find new ways to save energy.

The LoRa® mark is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.

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