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Schulze+Grassov is a young Copenhagen-based studio of architects and landscape architects established by Louise Grassov and Oliver Schulze in 2013.

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By Pil Kleinschmidt, August 15, 2016

A street designed by Schulze+Grassov in collaboration with EnviDan and Colas DK has been completed on site and is now open to the public in the city of Låsby, Skanderborg.

Byskellet is the first project to be realised in a series of on-going construction projects where Schulze+Grassov are driving innovation in the design of urban streets and storm-water management systems in Denmark. Executed on behalf of Danish municipalities, this project is supported by grants from the Realdania Foundation under the Klimaspring climate adaptation programme.

The new street profile made piped water streams visible, which now runs in an open water channel along the sidewalk. The waterway in Låsby consists of two water channels. The first is a covered channel in the centre of the road and the second is an open channel along the sidewalk, which is formed by two elements; a steel lid and a concrete channel that separates river water from surface water. The steel lid is designed with a profiled surface that imitates the bed of a natural stream. The covered channel in the road’s new v-profile ensures that extreme rainfall remains in the centre of the road and does not intrude on the properties along the way.

The idea behind the Waterway project is to develop new ways of managing large amounts of rainwater in urban settings by utilising roads in climate adaptation without compromising great street spaces.

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