Energy efficient on-site water management system at Denmark’s third largest utility

VandCenterSyd, one of Denmark’s largest water management companies, provides drinking water and manages waste water for the municipality of Odense, Denmark (population 200,000). Ejby Moelle is the largest and newest VandCenterSyd plant and processes more than 20 million m3 (in excess of 5 billion gallons) of waste water a year. Energy efficiency was a significant design goal of the new plant which was equipped with a comprehensive energy monitoring system.

Monitoring system allows for energy-saving and cost saving data analysis

The Danish invented and innovative Aquis system is a hydraulic modeling tool which simulates the flow and pressure in your distribution network. Unlike other tools, Aquis uses real-time data to analyze and track the current situation enabling operators to make better and smarter decisions and to optimize production and enhance your bottom line.

Most water utilities have only 20% of their investment vested in the actual plant. The remaining 80% is vested in the distribution network. And most water utilities have little or no idea of what happens to the water once it leaves the waterworks. Aquis allows you to view different areas, sections, zones and even details of the network. You can easily simulate interventions such as opening or closing of valves, or starting or stopping of pumps, and assess their impact on consumer supply.

We have designed an open and future proof system enabling us to access energy consumption data from process equipment, frequency converters, overload circuit breakers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and motor starters. All communication are via Ethernet protocol. In addition to energy consumption, we can measure and analyse power quality, engine load and data logging. Only by measuring and analysing data can users determine what the consumption is, and then optimise the consumption efficiency.

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