Reduce utility costs with the EnSave® program

The EnSave® program includes energy optimisation audits and the implementation of energy saving projects and measures based on a savings guaranteed philosophy with the opportunity of financing of the projects as well.

Our primary role is to identify energy savings potential, be responsible for the successful implementation and to be the catalyst of securing sustainable utility cost reductions. Using the project model EnSave® industrial plants save 10-20% per year on energy consumption, improve their bottom-line and thereby emitting significantly less CO2 into the atmosphere.

We focus on industrial and core business processes based on a “follow-the-money” philosophy. In other words, we focus on where you get most savings for the money. This in many cases results in a short payback time of 2-4 years and a high internal rate of return (IRR) of 20-35%.

The EnSave® model is designed to ensure optimum implementation of energy saving projects with a strong focus on employee involvement (via redesigned processes & changed behavior), energy management systems (management systems, meters and software) and technology.

A very important tool in the EnSave® model is our energy management information system, Eximo, which embraces energy management features for both process industries, facility management and public companies. The software together with implementation services can furthermore be provided as a standalone project out with the EnSave® model.

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