AURORA solar system

CO2 reducing and with a minimum impact on landscape, environment and nature - goes hand in hand with high efficiency and production all year round

AURORA is a sectional plan parabola designed to produce hot water, primarily for power plants for district heating in Denmark as well as globally.

AURORA is developed to reduce CO₂. The energy produced is estimated to give an annual saving of 9-9,5 tons of CO₂ (Oil equivalent).

The parabola design and control system ensures a very high degree of efficiency as the sun is followed throughout the day and thus optimizes the utilization of the solar radiation.

Compared with alternative plan solar systems, AURORA is more than twice as effective per m² (ground area) and produces approx. 25 MWh/year per unit.

AURORA occupies approx. 1/3 of the base area compared to alternative plan solar systems and can be installed on uneven and hilly terrain without maintenance of the underlying terrain’s flora due to the distance from the mirrors to the ground level.

AURORA is protected from overheating via an out-of-sun alarm that turns the parabola away from direct sunlight to horizontal position if the operating system detects too high temperatures.

AURORA is protected against extreme wind and weather, as the parabola can withstand up to 70 m/sec and will respond in advance via an out-of-wind alarm, which positions the parabola horizontally.

AURORA can deliver a constant temperature depending on demand, such as 90 ° C to buffer tank or 60-70 ° C directly to the net without lowering the efficiency of the system.

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Michala Bruhn Petersen

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