Towards Sustainable Aviation

In the sustainability field SAS has a long tradition of being in the forefront amongst global aviation players. A part of SAS sustainable solution is a good network.

On a global scale only SAS upholds ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental certification and ambitious environmental goals are established concerning emissions from flights, fuel use and energy consumption on ground.

Modern and more efficient aircraft During 2015 SAS plans to replace its old generation of aircraft fleet for new and more efficient aircraft which will provide fuel and CO2 savings of 10-15% per seat compared with similarly sized aircraft.

Fuels saving Program contains many aspects of operations involving all employees with relations to fuel use, primarily pilots, flight planners, loading staff, Inflight and product development.

Green flights are carried out in all flight modes when possible. Fuel savings is achieved during take-off, cruising level and landings in close coordination and dialogue between pilots, planners and flight control.

Sustainable jetfuel  produced on other than fossil sources and are on its way and SAS takes part in the process to accelerate the development  of alternative sustainable fuels.

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