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R&D and ESCO collaborations with Roskilde University and Siemens

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Roskilde University (RUC) develops and conducts research and research-based teaching at a high international level

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ESCO, sustainable construction, energy renovation and R&D. Would you like to learn more about sustainable construction and collaborate with highly competent researchers and the largest engineering company in Europe?

RUC and Siemens are now offering delegations to visit RUC and get an introduction to an energy renovation concept called ESCO and relevant R&D collaborative possibilities with RUC and Siemens.

Siemens, the Danish Building and Property Agency, and Roskilde University are now collaborating on the largest Danish state energy optimization project at Roskilde University. The concept is called ESCO and this project will ensure energy savings of DKK 5 million per year, and RUC’s annual CO2 emissions will be reduced by 1,100 tonnes.

The aims of the projects are to reduce carbon footprint of the campus site, and improve the outreach of the university on sustainability topics.

A number of researchers have worked extensively with the practice and philosophy of greening universities, and several green student groups have worked with the university management to implement positive changes.

We are very willing to share our experiences and work together with the aim of making universities true community leaders on environmental transitions. We therefore invite delegations to visit Roskilde University and learn more about the ESCO projects and RUC. We hope the visits will generate R&D projects.

The visits will last from two to three hours, depending on the delegation.


  • Welcome by Peter Lauritzen, the University Director of Roskilde University and mutual presentation
  • Short presentation of ESCO by Siemens and guided tour on RUC with a focus on ESCO
  • Presentation by researchers from RUC with expertise in energy savings, sustainable construction and/or other areas of interest that the delegations considers relevant.
  • Dialog in regards to further cooperation between the delegation, Siemens and RUC

Facts about the ESCO Project

ESCO is an energy renovation concept where the costs of renovation are paid by the subsequent savings. This means that the municipality or the private company does not need to finance the project up front. In an ESCO project, the contractor guarantees the energy savings calculated in the analysis phase. ESCO is originally an American concept that is gaining widespread support in Europe and Denmark. The concept comes from the United States and has gained support in Denmark as well.

The ESCO project at RUC will include a large solar cell system which will supply 23% of the university’s annual electricity consumption, and in addition, the project will also focus on technical installations such as the optimization of district heating systems, plumbing, ventilation and lighting.

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