Robust material for the new Danish aquarium

Creating the right environment: For the curved facade of Denmark’s new aquarium, The Blue Planet, ROCKWOOL Denmark has delivered hard batts and Super Venti-Batts to secure optimal insulation.

The Blue Planet is a 9,000 m2 brand new aquarium designed by Danish architecture firm 3XN. With a great variety of species on display it is a major tourist attraction in Copenhagen. As it is placed right next to Copenhagen Airport one of the challenges has been to create acoustic solution that protects the fish inside from the airport noise.

Good acoustics for optimal sound

In the case of The Blue Planet 200 mm ROCKWOOL hard batts together with 75 mm Super Venti-Batts were used. When it comes to securing good acoustics, it is important for the façade to be pressure proof and have a certain weight. The insulation provided by ROCKWOOL Denmark works towards ensuring the mass required to create optimal sound absorbing properties.

The wall is a roof

Another challenge when building The Blue Planet was the pitch of the roof/wall. As the pitch of the wall was below 80°, it was considered a roof, and a certain kind of insulation was required to keep out rain. ROCKWOOL Denmark helped in the process to find a suitable solution, so that the hard batts and Super Venti-Batts could be used for this part as well. By sealing the insulation dowels, rain is kept out. One advantage of Super Venti-Batts is that the material is very durable as it can endure being exposed to water. Also, the non-combustible insulation materials help increase fire safety.


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