Energy renovation of kindergartens in Høje-Taastrup

The project is initiated by Høje-Taastrup municipality and is probably one of the most ambitious projects for energy efficient renovations of childcare centres in Denmark. 7 facilities are already completed. 27 child care centres will be energy renovated.

The renovation project not only provide a healthier indoor climate, avoiding draught and minimising the risk of moisture and moulds indoors. Better insulation and efficient windows are also healthy business for the local authority that needn’t pay excessive heating bills anymore.

Low energy bills

Once these facilities have been renovated, heating bills will typically be reduced by 50% – 60 % while, in some of the 30+ year old buildings, energy costs will be even lower than those of some new facilities. The electrical bill will be reduced by 18 % equivalent to 1,824 kWh per year.

Due to the lower energy bills, the long term net saving will be more than EUR 30,000 for a typical institution – and that is not even adding the benefit of a possible reduction in the number of sick days.

Contact for interested

Mette Forslund, Høje Taastrup Municipality,


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