Center 2: Energy consumption reduced by 85%

The old office building “Center 2” in the ROCKWOOL Groups headquarters has been through one of the most ambitious energy renovations of commercial buildings in Denmark. It is an excellent example of how old commercial buildings can be refurbished, creating modern and efficient workplaces.

Before the renovation the energy consumption was equivalent to that of “Energy Class F”, the second lowest rating in Denmark. After renovating the building the energy performance has improved significantly.

The energy consumption has been reduced by almost 85 %. The building now meets the low energy requirements that will apply fornew buildings in 2015.

Building year: 1979

Size: 3,000 m2

Energy consumption

The renovated building only uses 41 kWh/m2 per year (Danish A2015 class), compared to 264 kWh/m2 per year (Danish energy class F) before being renovated.

Cheaper than building a new office

The renovation of the Center 2 has been more than EUR 400,000 cheaper than what it would have been to tear down the old building and build a new one.

Insulation and technical solutions

  • New facades with 370 mm ROCKWOOL FlexSystem
  • Extra 200 mm RockOrbit insulation in the parking deck (total 400 mm Rockwool insulation)
  • New 3 layer windows (Outrup windows with high density ROCKWOOL frames U-value 0.8 W/m²K)
  • LED electrical light
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Heat pumps with vertical wells for geothermal energy
  • 30m² solar collectors for making hot water
  • 100 m² photovoltaic panels

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