EU increases Energy Efficiency – one step closer to sustainable growth

By Communications, August 01, 2012

Following tough negotiations the EU is ready to pass the Energy Efficiency Directive.

The new directive will help make millions of European buildings and industrial processes more energy efficient, cutting energy bills and creating many local green growth jobs across Europe.

Quotes from Rockwool International CEO & Group President Eelco van Heel:
– The Energy Efficiency Directive sets out an important framework to steer the future development in the EU in a more sustainable direction. Increased focus on energy efficiency is a key tool to solve a number of the challenges we are currently facing in the EU. It will help strengthen Europe’s economy and job creation, make us less dependent on energy imports, reduce the social imbalance by reducing fuel poverty, and it will improve the indoor climate and health of citizens, says Eelco van Heel.

– It is important that the EU sets the right framework, but the main deliverables will come with the national implementation of the directive. Many countries have already started developing long-term strategies for the energy renovation of their building stock. I am confident that this new directive will help facilitate such an important development, says Eelco van Heel.  
Quotes from MEP Britta Thomsen (Soc. Dem.), who – as shadow rapporteur in the energy committee of the European Parliament – has fought for raising the ambition level of the directive:
– It is disappointing that the Member States only want to renovate 3% of the central-governmental buildings. I have fought hard for this to cover all public buildings, both saving energy and creating local jobs in the Member States. Instead I got my proposal for a long-term strategy for investments in the energy renovation of buildings included in the agreement. This will create jobs for building professionals over the coming years. So overall this agreement bodes better than feared, says MEP Britta Thomsen, Danish Social Democrat and shadow rapporteur of the European Parliament’s ITRE committee that sealed the deal with the EU Commission and the Ministers’ Council.

Read comments and explanations here:

RI Energy Efficiency Directive Release

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